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Google just released an awesome new video editor for Google Photos! Well, it will probably have been out for just under a week by the time this post comes out. In this post I wanted to show what it can do and try to edit a video using it. Hope that you enjoy!


The video editor is available for Google Pixel users and Google One subscribers. I believe that it is now rolling out to more people soon but do not know for sure.


The edits available right now are basic but effective. In my opinion…

If you are a blogger or own a site on the web, then you have almost certainly researched the Google Algorithm. All Search Engines and Social Medias run on some sort of algorithm. In this post, I am going to talk about the new Instagram algorithm for 2021. I do want to note that these tips are all from my research and observations.

Old Instagram Algorithm

The Old Instagram algorithm used comments, likes, views, and shares to boost your audience. The more likes, comments and shares, the better your post will rank. This was the basis of the algorithm and…

The internet is full of platforms that you can share your photography on. If you have seen my social section on the blogs homepage, you will know that I post photos on a lot of different platforms. There is one platform that may just be my favorite posting platform and I don’t feature it on most of this blog. This platform is called Photocrowd.

If you are a subscriber of my email list, you almost certainly know about this platform already.

If you are looking for a platform that drives people to your blog this is definitely not the platform…

App stores have a ton of photography editing apps being released constantly. It is hard to know which apps are legitimate and which ones are not. I downloaded free photography editing apps that were released somewhere near the end of 2020 on the Google Play Store. I think that it is good to support small developers as much as possible because these apps can have some cool features not found on more known editing apps.

Pictoshop- Free Photo Editor App

This first editor was released on November 6th of 2020 and, as of writing this post, has had approximately fifty…

If you follow me on any socials you will know that I have been super excited about this blog post! Videos always take a long time to film and edit and this one was no exception taking over 7 hours total! I really hope that you enjoy the video I have been super excited to share it.

When I posted my sequence filmed on the Google Pixel 4a you may remember that I posted the video on Google Drive. This time Google Drive was broken so instead I had to post it on Pinterest and Behance. …

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We all take bad photos, whether you are a photographer or just someone snapping photos on a phone for fun. What happens to those photos? Well, most of those bad photos would normally be deleted. In this blog post, I am going to show you how I made a bad photo that I took look a lot better… hopefully.

The Photo: The photo I chose is way underexpose, the horizon is crooked, my hand moved when I took the photo…

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Photographer Youtuber Julia Trotti and her cousin, Leondro Balan, made a FREE photo editing app called the Digital Film App or Digital Film Actions App for both Android and IOS. I tried this app out not to long after it was released onto Android and really like it. On the Google Play Store this app, as of writing this post, only has 3.8 stars which to me…

Hi, thank you very much for reading this blog post on Medium. A quick intro for you if you do not follow my main WordPress Blog. This is a warning about Grey Market cameras and how you can tell the difference between the Grey Market cameras and the USA models. Today is black friday and this is a very important post to read before buying a dslr or mirrorless camera from any camera company.

Okay. Last weeks post was on the Canon EOS Rebel Sl3 but I was replacing the camera because the one that I had received had a…

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You may or may not know that I edit my photos in Photoshop 2020 for the most part. If you know Adobe well, you will know that they make four different premium photography editing software’s. These include Photoshop Elements (what I use), Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC. Lightroom is probably the most well known software that most photographers use but…

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