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100!!! Thank you so much, you helped me make it to 100 follows on Instagram! In this post, I wanted to talk about the little perk that Instagram gives you for hitting this milestone!

Okay so, I want to mention that this is a feature for business accounts. These accounts aren’t hard to get and give you little extras like this. Now, how do you access this magical tab, you may ask? You should see a little button called insights on your profile…

Okay, if you click this button, you should be taken to this page:

Nice right?! Well, you can get this no matter how many followers you have, what you can’t get, is the Audience Insights. Click on “total followers" and you will go to a page that should give you graphs and stats or you’ll get a message saying that you need 100 followers.

Now, sadly I haven’t had growth this week. Overall, as you can see, I lost two follows. Now, I want to mention something important for a sec. Just because people unfollow, does NOT mean that you make bad content. A lot of accounts follow looking for a follow back and unfollow if you don’t follow. These unfollows could also come from accounts being deleted. DO NOT stress over unfollows, it really is not worth it! Okay, now on with the other features:

You can see the top cities and countries where your followers are from. Also, you get to see the age range of your followers! My data should be fairly average since I don’t target a specific age group. A lot more young people use Instagram, so you will probably have a lot of younger followers (18–24 In my case).

As you can see, if I have about 3.8% of followers in Dhaka, that means that would be 3 or 4 followers that are from there. You can use this to gear content to a certain audience if you would like, but I don’t do that kind of thing. I like to publish content to everyone.

You can filter this for 7 days or 30 days, for the purpose of this post I just had everything set to 7 days!
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