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Instagram, is known for being a “photo sharing platform”. That really isn’t what it is any more. More and more people are seeking to find other platforms. In this post, I am going to talk about the recent video and more.

A Message from the IG Head:

“We’re no longer a photo sharing platform”

This is what Adam Mosseri said on June 30th 2021 in this video.

There has been a lot of controversy over this because, Instagram has always been a photo sharing platform. Now, people were mad when they added reels and video integration, but this has caused a much larger divide. People are mad that video is the companies new focus. My personal opinion is that the video integration is great to have, but I joined Instagram to share photos. I am on other platforms to share video, not Instagram.

I don’t like it when I am looking to be inspired by photography and my Instagram home feed has no photography and is just full of videos.

Now, what does the overall community think. Let’s look at some posts:

I know this is just from twitter, but there are people all around the internet who are mad about this. The main source of anger is the fact that Instagram is no longer focusing on photo sharing. It is like they don’t listen to the community, or they listen to the part of the community that use video all the time.

Losing Views:

There has been another huge issue with Instagram causing the community to be mad, that is the fact that accounts that used to get tens of thousands of likes and views are getting a thousand views. The same is happening to smaller creators like me too. It has been a while since I had a post get above 30 likes!

The huge issue is saturation. I just had a post go viral on Imgur and I believe that it is probably because Imgur is newer and less saturated! I personally think that there will be an eventual issue of over saturation with basically all social media if they become popular. There are just ways to combat it.

Another thing that is definitely causing this and is most relatable to recent events is the rise in video on Instagram. Video sharing accounts seem to be doing super well and it may be because Instagram is pushing video.

I have been looking at my Instagram over the past two weeks or so and I am noticing that my newer photos are not getting likes/views as quickly and I am struggling to get content on the feed of my followers! That is crazy! I really do feel that overall, feeds should push content from people that you follow. Sometimes I totally miss posts from photographers that I follow that I really would have wanted to see! It is very frustrating, and although I can’t think of a perfect solution, steps could be made in the right direction.


Instagram seems to be a bit of a mess right now. As I said before, there is not going to be a perfect solution that satisfies both video content creators and photo content creators, but I personally think that I would prefer to look at other apps like YouTube for video content. Not Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading, everyone! If you enjoy content about tech and software, a follow would be magnificent. Also, drop a comment with your opinion! I would love to hear from you! Thanks again!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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