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The internet is full of platforms that you can share your photography on. If you have seen my social section on the blogs homepage, you will know that I post photos on a lot of different platforms. There is one platform that may just be my favorite posting platform and I don’t feature it on most of this blog. This platform is called Photocrowd.

If you are a subscriber of my email list, you almost certainly know about this platform already.

If you are looking for a platform that drives people to your blog this is definitely not the platform you are looking for you, but if you are looking to participate in a community of kind photographers, this is definitely my number one recommended platform.

What is Photocrowd?

Photocrowd is a global platform of photographers which was founded by Mike Betts. According to his LinkedIn page, the platform was launched in 2012 and currently has about 270 thousand users. On Photocrowd, you can post your photos to your profile or enter photography contests. The platform has two kinds of contests: Community (free to enter competitions) and Premium (paid to enter contests). You can enter community contests with a free account on Photocrowd. Premium contests have to be entered using a premium account. Premium accounts have three tiers: Challenger, Pro, and Master. These range from just over 3 USD a month to 10 USD a month. You can purchase these in a variety of currencies as well!

More About Photocrowd Competitions:
On Photocrowd you can enter competitions hosted by photography magazines and photography companies. Most of these competitions need a premium membership to enter though. There are also community contests (the ones I enter). The community contests are free to enter with a free account and are made by premium users on Photocrowd.

Why is Photocrowd “Underrated”:

You probably clicked on this blog post because of the title so let me tell you why this platform is “Underrated”. First, this is a photography social media that has only 270 thousand users which is certainly not a lot when you compare it to other platforms. Think about Flickr, this is a popular social media for photographers with over 100 million users! Also, if you were to ask a photographer about photography social medias, Photocrowd probably would not be one that they would even know about! Another great thing about this platform is that it is community driven. You post photos that you like and chances are that another community member will also like it!


A ton of social medias have spam users. The most spam I have seen on any social site is probably As of right now, my page has 8 followers but only 5 of those followers actually have profiles which leads me to believe that the others are bots. Also, when I post something on I get views within seconds and after doing a few Google searches, you will find that has a serious bot problem. On Instagram I often get random messages about becoming a “brand ambassador”. Although some probably are legit, the vast majority are not.

Back to Photocrowd though. I have not once had a follower without a profile with photography on it. I have also never gotten a spam message. I absolutely love Photocrowd for all of these reasons.

My Time on Photocrowd

I have been posting photos on Photocrowd since June 2020. That was right before the blog was launched! As of writing this post, I just posted my 47th photo! During my time on Photocrowd, I have won three awards in contests as shown below.

I do aim to get a first place at some point but am still working on it.


Each week, Photocrowd ranks users using ranking points (I have no clue how it works). I normally am in the 6 or 7 thousands at this point. You can also rate other peoples photos in competitions. It is awesome to see other incredible photos.


Right now, social medias can have a lot of spam users, and it is sometimes frustrating when you want to share your work. I really love that Photocrowd does not have spam users that dilute your social audience. Photocrowd may be one of my favorite photography platforms right now.

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I really hope that you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what your favorite social media is for photography! By the time this post is published, I will have just had surgery and may not reply to comments immediately. Thank you!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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