What is Google Doing With Snapseed?

Snapseed, one of two photo editors from Google. Back in 2012, Google bought this photo editing software and since then the software seems to have gotten just a handful of “updates”. The change log on most of the updates normally just says bug fixes and in the past few years there have not been many changes to the editor itself.

Meanwhile, over on Google Photos, the editor has been changed a ton in 2020 and this year with a new video editor and new photo features. Actually, on my main blog I just posted a post talking about a new Google Photos feature last week.

This brings us to the main question that I want to answer, What does Google plan to do with Snapseed? Is Snapseed going to go to the Google Graveyard?

I can answer the second question easily with some insight from Pocketnow. Their article says that “Snapseed, one of the best image editing apps out there, has landed a new update in a span of two years, a sign that Google is not killing it anytime soon.” Pocketnow posted this just last year so not too much should have changed.

Now, We know that Snapseed is probably not going anywhere in the near future, I have another question though. Google is constantly updating the Google Photos Editor with new features, but Snapseed isn’t getting nearly as many updates. Does Google have any plans for Snapseed?

My answer to that question is, no. I think that the team developing photo editing over at Google is really focused on Google Photos right now. The other question that I have is: Is Snapseed close to the Google graveyard? Now this is a very, very complicated question. Google has a very full graveyard. Actually, I found a website killedbygoogle.com that has all the discontinued Google softwares/services as well as the ones confirmed to be heading to the graveyard.

The first I wanted to talk a little about was Zeitgeist. After 7 years, this ranking system was discontinued. Basically, Zeitgeist showed the top searches including things rising to popularity and falling from popularity. Guess what though, Google had a replacement. The Google Trends project was first started in 2006 and the insights part of Google Trends came in 2008; right after Zeitgeist was discontinued. Now Google Trends still operates serving the same purpose that Zeitgeist did but still recieving updates.

Next I’ll talk about meebo; A messaging app that Google bought later discontinuing in 2012. Google Hangouts was introduced in 2013 and would be it’s replacement. Skip ahead some more and Hangouts is morphing into Google Chat in June 2021. It seems that for now, that will combine all of Google’s messaging apps into one.

I hope that I am getting my point across. Google normally discontinues a product when they have a replacement. They normally merge the teams working on them too. Google also has products that do the same thing and operate completely separately. The best example of this is developers.google and web.dev. Both developer sites are by Google and do basically the same thing because they operate from lighthouse. They both have blogs that operate separately as well with continuous active posting.

All of this is pretty confusing and Snapseed kind of has two fates; discontinuation and merging with Google Photos or a continuous operation as two separate photo editing services.

Recently I have been seeing more articles about Snapseed which I found interesting. If you want to know the capabilities of Snapseed, How to Geek has an article from just a few weeks ago.

I really hope that you liked this post! Kind of a short one this week. Comment below what you think Google plans for Snapseed! Just a friendly reminder that my main blog is on Wordpress with posts every Friday. This week I took a look at online photo editors. Have a great week everyone!

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